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New to DIC?

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Well, I sometimes go to the "Introduce Yourself" portion of DIC and I have some tips for the newbies, but I can't post them again and again so I'll just put it in a blog post so I'll just link this thing!

Post starts!

Tips for New DIC Members

For those who want help
1. Never ask for code! Show some effort by showing some code.
2. Don't forget to put in [code] tags and put your code inside it.
3. If you feel like your question can be solved easily, try using the Search function in DIC. Ex: "Convert String to Java". That's it.
4. Don't be rude. I've seen lots of people get into heated arguments just because they feel they weren't being helped.

For those who want to help
1. Never ever give full code to those who need help. You're just feeding them and not making them learn anything themselves.
2. Reply in a good manner, don't be rude to those who ask. They're here looking for help, maybe as a last resort, with tears in their eyes losing all hope because tomorrow's their deadline. Make it easier for them by being nice and guiding them as if you would guide lost sheep back home.
3. Don't just say "Google it!". Well if you want to say that, then add your own answer too and why that person should use Google first.

For everyone new
1. Add an avatar! It would be your mental image to those who are in the internet who can't see your real appearance, and vice versa. Well, you could achieve "I still remember you even if you don't have an avatar" status too but you have to be real good, like a jon.kiparsky or sepp2k. Or you could just let loose on the "Caffeine Lounge" and hurl feces at everyone, you'll surely be memorable, even if only for a brief moment in time before you get the banhammer.
2. Don't follow the last sentence on number 1.
3. Check out the Caffeine Lounge! Best forum here in my opinion. It's where everyone regardless of programming language gets along together(or not) to have a great time(or not) in the most sensible topics(or not). Get a feel for the forum first though. I warned you.
4. Help if you can on the questions you think you know the answer too. If you're not sure, just research first if what you'll be giving out as a solution will work. If not, just say you're not sure, say your solution might help. No guarantees though. Never ever give guarantees if you're sure, or feel the wrath of those who know the answer.
5. Last of all, have fun!

PS: Please also read the TOS(Terms of Use).

There there. Thanks for reading! ^^

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jon.kiparsky Icon

19 September 2012 - 11:24 AM
What, you don't like my avatar? I spent hours making it look just like the default one! :)

fromTheSprawl Icon

19 September 2012 - 07:39 PM
Is that for real? Well, after I decided you're not going to put in that space when I see someone reply in Java or in the Caffeine Lounge I automatically think it's you and 9 out of 10 I'm correct. ^^
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