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I Give Up

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Earlier I decided to review my PLSQL skills because I need to transfer copious amounts of data from the database to SQL scripts. This could be done with executing a query in SQLDeveloper, then choosing all results then picking export as inserts. The problem is this task is too tedious. Create and execute query, select all data, export as inserts, then saving the file. The saving the file part probably broke the straw. Why can't the next save dialog open up on my last save point?

So I created something in PLSQL, and my eyes were first set on utilizing file handling. Well, everything went fine, from getting the data needed and transforming them to the proper insert outputs, the only thing left is saving to the file. That's where I hit my first wall. It either says I'm doing an illegal operation or file does not exist.

So I tried looking to setting up a dummy table to have the content of files, and I chanced upon the CLOB variable. I hit another wall! It's an error called numeric or character blah blah blah that I can't fix.

So by then, tears are rolling down on my eyes, I punched the monitor and then closed my eyes for a bit.*

My own mind closed the possibility of me doing it in Java. Now I'm downloading Java 7 and will probably finish this thing in no time.

Screw you, self mind!

*Probably not true. Probably.

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