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On Writing

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It was sometime earlier I thought of writing stuff on blogs everyday. Just one post per day. What is the purpose of this? Well, I could think of a couple of reasons:

1. Keep my interest in writing alive.
2. Create a good online presence.
3. Looks like a diary. I always laugh when I see the juvenile stuff I wrote back in high school and college.
4. Keeps my mind sharp(?)
5. By creating a good online presence, I'll be able to maybe show off some of the stuff I've written to prospective future people,
6. The most important reason I'm doing this is because I want to train my attention span and discipline. Really hard for me. I have a really short attention span where one time I'll be interested in this then I'll abandon it altogether.

Now that is settled, I have to see what blogs I have to keep. In existence, I have these right now:

1. This DIC blog, which in its earlier days was just an update kind of blog, now it's slowly becoming programming oriented.
2. A CoderWall blog, which really has a neat way of presenting code. I currently have 5 posts over there, all of them related to programming. Then I created three new blogs on WordPress:
3. A blog for anything, which now holds 2 posts about how to download manga and a review of one.
4. A blog about programming(again).
5. A blog written in my native language that I'm not linking here because most of you probably wouldn't understand what I'm writing about anyway.

I have three programming blogs, whoa. I plan to ditch the whole CoderWall stuff as I'm not sure I'll find an audience there, most of the people over there(maybe all) are experts in programming. Well, I laughed though when someone upvoted my "Hello World" program in Python.

So, that leaves us with this programming blog and the WordPress one. What will I ditch? Well, I'm ditching nothing. In fact, I'll create separate content for both blogs. I'm the type of guy that doesn't like copying stuff from my other sites(like posting on Twitter then it posts on Facebook). I believe in keeping everything fresh and original.

Also, I'm keeping the WordPress one since I discovered they have a syntax highlighting plugin. I tried Blogger first but man, the plugin is a mess.

In the future, I also plan to write about music and videogames. I'm having trouble finding my footing on how to start reviewing albums.

So, yeah, I hope this pushes through. ^^

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