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I've been using Sublime Text for a week now and I'm seriously thinking of buying a personal license. What I like about it:

- Very simple user interface, not like Notepad++ spartan look.
- When I'm coding in Python, I use the Python cmd so for longer code I use a text editor and paste it in the cmd. Before, using Notepad++ I get strange tab spacing errors, but with Sublime Text, they're all gone!
- Sublime Text has keyboard shortcuts that I hope to learn in the future.

There are two things holding me back from buying it: first, I don't have a PayPal account. I'd probably get one in the future if my source of income stabilizes(lol). I'd probably purchase Minecraft first, but make it definitely if I own a PC by the time I get a PayPal account.

The second reason is I'll try using vim first. Who knows? :)

Also, it is worth noting that even the trial version of Sublime Text 2 is fully featured and does not have an expiration date. This effectively means one can use it without buying it, forever. But what heartless person would do that? Still, it looks like I'm turning to be that person. Haha. Let's see what the future holds. ^^

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