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"Here's a Crutch, We're Crippling You."

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Have you ever been in a working environment where you can't use everything you think will be good for your disposal? It definitely hurts right?

Simple, free programs that will give you additional time to worry on something more important that doing grunt work, but you're being forbidden to use them.

What is this? Why is this happening?

I can think of a few reasons:

1. The ever present threat of viruses. It's really important, especially in an enterprise environment, to be sure that everything is secure. Or else, it could cause the company even millions of money lost.

2. Lawsuits. I'm pretty sure most of the people that owns a computer just clicks "Accept" on a User Agreement you should have read, but let's face it, it's being done by the masses. What's with the problem if it's free then? "Free" does not mean you can do everything you want. There are lots of restrictions added to that word in the software world. The most common example is you can only use an application for personal purposes, but if you use it for commercial purposes, you have to buy it. But sadly, people miss this part. Also, for the developers, there's also clauses that state you can use their library in your commercial product but you have to state that you used it. Stuff like that. Litigations could cause millions too.

3. Well, let's face it. Sometimes the higher ups are just scared of apps they don't know. Kind of like humans in movies where if they see something alien, they all shout "Kill it with fire!". Okay, maybe not all movies, but most of them anyway. Still, if someone introduces a new application in a workplace, the higher ups suddenly have these thoughts in mind: "Will it cost us?","What if there's a hidden Plants Vs. Zombies game on that IDE thing?", "I'm pretty sure this thing's a downloader". Relax! Well, they do relax once you tell them what the application is for and how it will benefit the company.

Still, I think the ideal work environment is where one is given the freedom to do his/her job with the tools he/she thinks will do the job efficiently, and that environment should be open to experimentation too. Otherwise, how will the workplace evolve?


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