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5 Years

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I have no hopes for the future. Once I was hopeful of it, 5 years ago when I got out of college, already working because I got hired before graduation. I thought I would just let my contract expire and be off to greener pastures.

Everything started out well. I was provided with great trainings school did not give me, and I felt I was prepared to take on any challenges headed my way. I got my first assignment, and this is where my problems began.

I was assigned to work on a legacy system, one that uses a vanilla version of a language, and an outdated version to boot. I was quite hopeful I'd be given stuff to work with that'll make me on top of the technological demands of the industry, but that day never came.

I once had a drive for learning, even learned a new language or two and created something out of them. Then the fire went out, the drive died and here I am.

I am on a loop. A loop which makes me dumber everyday. Looking for a new job is a moot point because the industry is looking for people with experience on things I have no knowledge of. Job is preventing me to find a new job and yet time ticks by. 5 years now, 10 years tomorrow, time passes by unnoticed. I have to do something, fast. Or die in the same seat where I first had a job.

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21 October 2015 - 06:42 AM
Then change that. Learn on your own, build up a portfolio of what ever tech is hot in your area, and dove tail that on your current five years work experience.

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13 November 2015 - 09:32 AM
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