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A Few More:

General Problems

Why do I get Object reference not set to an instance of an object.?
Explanation found in Tutorial Different Types of Variable.
Further Reading: Reference Types, Value Types, ByVal, ByRef

Where can I find sourcecode examples?
Try our snippets section: code snippets

Why do I get the error index was outside of the bounds of the array?
Collections (Arrays Lists etc) are all zero based, which means the the first element (item) is index number 0 (Zero).
Suppose the collection contains 10 (Ten) items the last is at index 9 (Nine).

Textbox Problems

How can I create a Textbox which accepts (allows) number and disallows letters? (Eg. Numbers Only)
Tutorial: Creating a Textbox that only accepts numbers.
Code Snippet: Only numeric values & maximium of 1 decimal point and one minus sign Entered into a Textbox. with Databases

How do I connect (or implement) a Microsoft Access Database to
Tutorial: Using Access with (Simple Database)
Related Topic: Database Connection Strings a list of them can be found at

How do I get data from a SQL database in
Tutorial: SQL Basics in

How do I populate a DataGridView with OleDB (DataAdapters)?
Thread Post: Populate DataGridView with OleDb
Related: Get value from selected row in DataGridView

How do I insert an Image into a SQL (Server) Database?
Thread Post: Insert image into SQL server Tutorial: Save and retrieve images from SQL

Saving and Loading

How to save (saving) and Load (Loading) an array of different number of dimension (1D, 2D, 3D, etc)
Tutorial: Saving & Loading
Note: The technique is applicable to other collections types;- List, Collection, ArrayList

How to use the FolderBrowserDialog in
Code Snippet: Open a Folder Browse Dialog window
Tutorial: < Tutorial yet to be written >

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