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Welcome to the's programming help forums! In order to better help you and other members, there are a couple rules we'd like you to follow:
  • Post the code you have so far using the [code] tags. We can't help you if you don't post your code. We will not do your homework for you. You MUST show some effort.
  • We have a 0-tolerance cheating policy. If we find you are trying to cheat, you will be warned, and subsequently banned. You MUST show some effort.
  • Make your questions and answers clear and concise. Explain the problem, any errors you are receiving, and the code causing the errors.
  • Utilize the "Search" feature. Many questions have already been asked and answered in another thread.
  • If you are answering someone‚Äôs question, only do so if they have made an attempt. We will delete any posts providing code when a user has not shown some effort. Kindly ask the user to post what they've done so far.
  • If you absolutely must hire someone to do your code, do NOT post in the forums. All correspondence must be over PM or E-Mail.
Following these simple guidelines helps us help you faster and provides others in the future a way to learn. Thank you for your cooperation.

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