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Everything... gone in the blink of an eye.

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God damn it.

I feel like I've just been robbed.

Yesterday, my portable HDD broke. I had everything (and when that's italicized, I do mean everything) on there.

Some of it was replaceable, like my music, movies, various 4chan pictures, some applications, ect. But most of it was not.

What couldn't be replaced is the hard part...
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C++ ruined programming for me.

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When I started actual programming, not web design (HTML & CSS was as far as I got at that point, PHP came in at a later date.), I started with C++. This was the worst mistake I could have ever made.

C++ ruined my outlook on programming, it was much to complicated for me, as a beginner, to get my head around. Looking back, I realize this,...
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Disney Adventure, a tour of a lifetime.

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Last thursday (4/21/11) I took one of the best tours of Walt Disney world imaginable.

Since I am a student in high school and I chose to take a survey sent out by Disney Professional Interns (
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My interview with a Pro.

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I was recently speaking with an employee (further to be called Ronald) of a company (which I am not obligated to name) about their software development practices. I've been hunting everywhere for an internship and this place wanted a interview. They had free donught holes, and it was pretty cool. I was very comfortable speaking with Ronald,...
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If at first you do not succeed...

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If at first you do not succeed, go back and write it again.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I have to re-write my code, or some one else's, for that matter. Especially when they don't leave behind any documentation or comment their code.

I'm in a Web Design 5 Honors class at my school, and I'm basically the debugger for ...
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Errors, errors everywhere.

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One of my biggest worries whilst programming is getting an error. I hate errors. With a passion. I want to destroy them with the power and intensity of a thousand suns. They suck.

Handling an error is never fun. You don't like doing it, and if you think you do, you're wrong. Errors are the worst thing that can possibly happen to you...

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