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My interview with a Pro.

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I was recently speaking with an employee (further to be called Ronald) of a company (which I am not obligated to name) about their software development practices. I've been hunting everywhere for an internship and this place wanted a interview. They had free donught holes, and it was pretty cool. I was very comfortable speaking with Ronald, though I was extremely nervous before the interview started.

We got into the discussion of how they handle errors in their programs, and what they do to stop them.

Here's how part of the conversation went:


Me: What do you guys do if you get an error? Do you like find it and destroy it with a tacticle nuke from orbit?
Ronald: Haha, no. We locate the source of the problem, and try to fix it. If we can't fix it, we rewrite that entire section of code.
Me: That sounds like it takes a long time.
Ronald: Well of course, but we have to be perfect. We aren't even allowed to let warnings get through when we compile our software.
Me: Wow, really? That seems a bit scrict. But I guess you guys are pros.
Ronald: It is a bit strict, but our companies policy is to fully reimburse our customers if they recieve a critical error with their program. We try to do our best for that to not happen, since we lose money if it does.
Me: Well, that does make sense. How long do you usually debug a program before you send it off to your customer?
Ronald: We usually have a team of 3 debug for at least 2 days. We have them try to exploit the program or find something wrong with it's functionaility in any way possible and , then, if they can, we go in and fix whatever they broke and send it back to the debuggers. If you get the internship, this is some of what you'll be doing.
Me: Sounds great, hopefully I get it.
Ronald: We still have 12 other applicants to interview, but we'll keep you posted.
Me: Thank you, nice to meet you.
*At this point I grab a handfull of donught holes and exit the room whilst shoving them in my mouth (I didn't eat breakfast because I was scared enough to puke, and I thought that would've been bad.)*

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The professional don't joke around when it comes to errors. I guess that why they're pros.

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08 April 2011 - 06:29 PM
Very succinct and insightful, I hope that you get the posting, best of luck with getting the posting :)


08 April 2011 - 06:54 PM
Haha yeah, I should know by next the monday of next week. Looking forward to the results :)
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