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Disney Adventure, a tour of a lifetime.

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Last thursday (4/21/11) I took one of the best tours of Walt Disney world imaginable.

Since I am a student in high school and I chose to take a survey sent out by Disney Professional Interns ( ) for people that are interested in engineering of any kind for their parks and was chosen to be given a tour of their fantastic Florida location (which I live 2 hours from).

Once on the tour, which started in 'Tomorrowland', we where put on the "Peoplemover" which is a ride that Disney offers that gives you a tour of that section of the park. Except my group's version was led and narrated by one of Disney's 'Imagineers'. We got extensive information on almost all of the rides and where allowed into the park's main castle to see the effect of the fireworks show and they're fantastic projecter animations in which they 'magically' change the way the castle looks via multiple projectors located in various areas of the park.

We where not allowed to take many pictures, but I was able to snag a few of Space Mountain, a popular ride in which you are supposedly on a space ship and are blasted throughout outerspace with the lights cut off. I got my picture while the lights where on, which they did so we could see what our group leader was speaking about.


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Overall I had a great time and I learned a lot. I would definitely work with Disney if I got a chance to, they pay big bucks and I hear it's loads of fun!

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