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Everything... gone in the blink of an eye.

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God damn it.

I feel like I've just been robbed.

Yesterday, my portable HDD broke. I had everything (and when that's italicized, I do mean everything) on there.

Some of it was replaceable, like my music, movies, various 4chan pictures, some applications, ect. But most of it was not.

What couldn't be replaced is the hard part for me. I lost most(all?) of my programming stuff, most of my personal pictures, all of my schoolwork, and few freelance projects (which I now have to restart). I couldn't be sadder. Luckily for me, I had some of my personal pictures backed up on my computer and I think I have some back ups of my programming stuff.

One can't help be mad at the failings of technology, but, as it is, it will fail. It's inevitable.

Now, as I sit at school, doing nothing because my stuff is gone, I can't help but wonder how I'm going to restart. I had 100+ gigs of stuff on that thing, and now it's all gone.

The fact that I have to fork out another 100$ to buy a new one aside, I think I'm hurt more emotionally and psychologically than I am financially.

Now that I've poured my hate and emotions into this computer input device called a keyboard, I'm going to start searching online for a military grade portable HDD or a decent sized thumb drive.

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07 May 2011 - 05:28 AM
External HDDs are fragile, no matter what the companies say, and if you use it as your master storeage as opposed to your computer, then you should duplicate it, ie, have an other external HDD that you back up your main external HDD on, like a raid 1 array.

It sucks that you have lost so much stuff, have you looked at using a data recovery company? these companies have clean room and can open up your HDD and do all kinds of magical things to recover your "lost" data.

Learn from this now so that in a more professional area later in life the same mistake of only having one copy of your data doesn't come back and bite you in the behind.


11 May 2011 - 05:14 AM
Is the drive physically bad or the interface that the drive is in? You can buy external enclosures and swap out the drives. Also, have you tried putting the drive into another machine and see if you can access and recover anything. Broke can mean a lot of things and I would hate for you to mean, the power supply isn't working or it just quit making a connection because something fried in the unit itself leaving the drive and all the data on it intact.
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