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Ruby - Scan() and Regex: Converting a paragraph valuable data values

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In ruby, scan is a powerful method that you can use with regex to scan through a string and find all occurrences of a pattern. So if you have a string with data in it, say, maybe you are parsing from emails or some other secondary data source, you would use regex to parse that important information into your ruby app.

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What's a WebAPI anyway? How can I use one? Are https get requests easy in ruby?

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::What is a WebAPI anyway?...
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03_View MySql tables with PHP

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Here's some code that can be used to dump out all of the information in one of your MySql database tables. It's useful to pick through and see how things work. Just be sure to change the host, user, pwd, database, and table names before you start it up.

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PHP with NetBeans 7.0 Jump start! (audio emphasized) (windows)

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Hey, check out my wicked fast PHP tutorial that is sure to get any new person ready to start programming PHP QUICK! The two part tutorial get's you working from the ground up using a cozy-cool IDE called NetBeans, and even sets you up with apache server. If you don't currently have an ide/localhost test setup, this tutorial is a must...
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03_call php file from html using the prototype lib

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Ok, in our last example, we called a PHP file from within a web page. It was a fairly simple procedure to understand, but it took a lot of lines. Like 30 or 40 I think! That's crazy, especially considering most of it was browser compatibility workarounds. So instead of using AJAX that way, we're better off using the prototype...
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02_call php file from html.txt

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One of the many cool features of php is the ability to call a PHP page from within any old html page.


1) With javascript, the HTML page calls the php page, and sends the results to a var object
2) After being called, the PHP page will do it's code, and echo what you want the user to see.
3) With javascript,...

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