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How I come up with project ideas!

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Hello everyone. This is my first blog post to DreamInCode. Decided to create new blog here as haven't blogged for few months after I had to give up my web host.

How I come up with project ideas!

I wan't to share with you how I come up with project ideas. I seriously have to say my head comes up with more project ideas than I could ever implement.

The first stage is to select topic. For me the topic is usually related to computing, but not always i have come up with several project ideas I would require millions of dollars money to create, but heck it's just training for my buggy brain.

So lets think. Computing project, this is quite hard topic as there is loads of projects in the field and the project has to be useful. This means that the project has to have need and it has to be better if similar project exists already. So how would we come up with such thing?

For a start we need that topic. The topic can be something that interests you or just pick something random. I will now pick marketing as a topic. Now we have to think what kind of tool we need to complete a task related to the topic we decided upon.

So task in marketing is "the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large."

From here we can think that we have to deliver information about products to societies. We want to do this digitally as we decided to create software project. Now we have to think where we get those clients who want us to advertise their products and what kind of medium we are going to use for advertising.

I decide that my advertising medium would be desktop applications. This requires me to write application programming interface that those desktop application creators could use. Though if we want desktop application creators to let us use them as our advertising medium we have to pay them.

We also need to create some application how product owners can submit their advertisements to us. It would be preferred to create this as web application and make at least credit card and paypal payments possible. The application should be able to let the client to create campaign and set their advertisement settings for the campaign. This way the client can have multiple campaigns with different settings.

Now we have to decide if our advertisements in the applications are click able. If we want them click able we can use pay per click payment type, but if the ads are not click able we are stuck with only pay per impression and set price for certain time. Product owners would probably like click able ads because then they don't have to pay for impressions and can have thousands of impressions even if the users do not click their ad. So I decide to make the ads click able and when clicked forward the user to the product owners selected website.

Then we decide who sets the price for the clicks. We could set constant price for selected kind of ads or go the bidding way as many other advertisement businesses go. Now that we selected the payment type and pricing we have to look how much we can profit from this. We could easily do something like 0.01 us dollars per click stays at as and rest goes to the medium owner. Now every 100 clicks would earn us dollar and easily 10 dollars for the medium owner.

Remember to write your plans down and dig deeper on how to do the things you decide upon and research the competition. Remember that your project has to have need or it's useless. The better need it has the more profit you can do from it. Though sometimes the most useless stuff makes people millionaires too like those drink umbrellas.

So have fun and start brain storming.

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