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Seriously unrelated to computers.

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I've lived close to horses whole of my live and every summer I have had to fix those pasture fences. So I started to think and my thinking came up with something and possibly even business idea.

Metallic fences for horse farms
We usually do these fences from wood stakes and run electricity around the pasture, but we could do this with metal stakes too. I've noticed that metal stays in the ground much better as it weights more and the winter frost does not push them as much up as those wooden stakes.

If had the money I would buy few hundred metal stakes which are 2-2.5 meters long and go push them to 0.5-1 meters the ground. Then I would buy bolts and nots, about two to three per metal stake. We need these as I can not hammer nails to the metal stake. These bolts would be around 2-3mm diameter and used to hold those electric wire holders. I would just drill holes to the metal stakes and bolt the holders into the holes. Now we can do the wiring and get electricity run around the pasture.

Now I can in similar way to adding the wire holders add some wood or metal to close the pasture, but this is not always necessary. Horses usually stay in the pasture with just those wires.

Do you ever get this kind of ideas? Only area I could use computing is with possibly automating water supply to the pastures, but meh. It's easy to do manually too.

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