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git (intermediate) - Forking Repos "collaborating overview"

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What if you want to work on a project with someone else on github?

So let's say you want to collaborate with someone on github. No worries, github makes that easy.

1) Fork a repo onto your github account

First thing's first, navigate to the project you'd like to collaborate on, and click the fork button (someone else must own the project).

2) Make a change that you think is swell

Just change some code... You could even do it from the html interface now.

3) Issue a pull request

You can now click the "pull request" button on your project page. The other party will be alerted that you have made a swell change to the project. They can then choose to either accept the change, or ignore it in the case that the change isn't swell enough.

What if the other guy makes a change to his project after I've forked it?

"Don't sweat it, this is no problem at all"

1) Fetch the upstream changes and merge them (you need to work with things on a local machine, so set that up first)


$  git remote add upstream git://

$  git fetch upstream

$  git merge upstream/master

If you have problems, remember that git stash is your friend. (TODO: add link to git stash)

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