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git (intermediate) - undo last commit

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If you ever decide that you wish you had never made the last commit you made, you can undo the current commit and get back there. Here's how:

1) Make it so git resets back to the commit before (aka "HEAD^")
$  git reset --soft HEAD^  

Now the file changes are going to be there, but they won't be committed yet! Meaning, you can stash them and drop them!

2) Drop the current, non-committed file changes
$  git stash
$  git stash drop

Now you should be back to the commit before the one you last made when we started (and of course that "BAD" progress will be lost forever).

Here's a similar trick...

What if your merge to the server fails because you did some last minute adjustments that you don't even need anymore?

(do a git reset)
$  git reset --hard origin

This will reset your local repo back to the way it was when you downloaded/synched it from the "origin" remote last.

What about if you have already committed a mistake to a bare repository!?! Well, no worries, a slightly more complicated solution is discussed here.

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