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Code Collaboration with Github (now in 720p)

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It wasn't but a couple months ago that I had no idea how to maintain my code. I was programming with C# and was working on a project that I literally put hundreds of hours into. After that much time, as the project started to evolve, I began to fear that some change that I might make today... would break all of the code that I did over the...
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Cooler IDEs NOW! (and open source) Am I right?

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I'm really having a good experience with a language I'm just starting to pick up, Ruby. It's opened my eyes to a new way of coding, and a new way of thinking. If you hadn't already heard, Ruby is supposed to be coded in a meticulous manor and religiously scripted manor. The language itself can be used to express solutions in a...
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HTML Canvas Games: Moving beyond Flash OR js debugging with FireFox

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For the last several years, I've wanted to be able to make simple little games like I used to make with VB6. They would have sprites, animations, all that fun, low level stuff. bitblt was my favorite highschool past time. Unfortunately, MS killed VB6! Well... it wasn't really that amazing of a technology I supposed, so maybe killed...
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Regex sources

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Well, there's nothing casual about regex. I swear it's gotta be the most confounding thing I've ever encountered, and I've seen FLCL before!

So I'm studying it, and I guess I need a place to keep all of my favorite information sources, so here's that place.

My Favorite Sources of regex information:
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Tossing arround ideas for a map system for a simple 2D tile based game

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I'm thinking about building a game to help me with a novel I'm writing (lol, it sounds weird to me too). One of the first things you need to develop before you can start working on the game is coming up with a map system. You need a way to serialize an environment for your character to exist in... You need to be able to put the pretty...
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An Interesting Revisit to basic algibra notation while working with DataSets

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So... A DataSet is a place where you can store Tables of information, right? Well I was working on a project where I needed to find the difference between two tables (held in two different DataSets, so when I say DataSet, you may take it also to mean it's DataTable).

I was floundering on the issue, because, if you haven't worked with...

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