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Application Dev in WPF with MVVM (C#)

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Well folks, itís been a while since I have written in my blog, so I figured it was time to put something out there. There have been a lot of changes in my life which have kept me from coming back here and writing, but I aim to change that.
Back in April, I changed jobs to move closer to family. I went from a position where I was writing intranet...
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C# ASP.NET MVC Upload Image From Clipboard

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Usually, when I set to do something I have never done before in code, there is a plethora of available information on the web about how to get it done. Pasting anything from the clipboard seems to be the exception to that very general rule. It is likely that this is due to the fact that HTML5 is relatively new and the use of the classes that...
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Redirecting Logins from Multiple Applications to a Portal in MVC 4

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As I delve further into the inner workings of ASP.NET MVC, I have realized that I do not currently posses the skills necessary to perform all of the duties which I am assigned. That being said, there is also no task that I have been given which I have not been able to create a solution for. It may not be the "best" solution and it may...
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A Few String Parsing Functions in SQL Server

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While working on one of my projects at work today, I came to the realization that database programming languages handle strings much differently than do those programming languages that are not database-centric (i.e. C#, Java, C++). I know, you may be thinking "well...duh!", but think about it for a second. A person who has spent...
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More XML to Excel Tricks

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In a previous blog (Export your data table to Excel the quick way (via XML)...
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Getting and Setting the Expansion State in a TreeView in VB.NET

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If any of you readers are like me, you are sitting here looking at the TreeView and wondering how you are going to maintain the expansion state of each node. I tested out several possible methods for getting the expansion states and setting them and finally settled on a method which has worked pretty well for me. (I am using .NET framework...
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Sample Stored Procedure and Associated Calls From VB.NET

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A while back, I wrote a simple blog on how to call a SQL Server stored procedure from VB.NET. I was asked by a reader to generate a more detailed "Hello World" style stored procedure so they could more easily identify exactly what was going on. In this tutorial, you will find just such a stored procedure and the associated VB.NET...
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Export your data table to Excel the quick way (via XML)

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A while back I wrote about the way I had come up with to export data to Excel. This worked for me for a little while, but I am always looking for ways to speed up the execution of my code. When I started working with framework 4.0 and the accompanying Excel interop COM library (v14 i think it is) the execution of saving some 50 columns and 300...
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Maintain Datatype When Exporting RDLC Report to Excel

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If you are like me, you have to use the Reportviewer object quite often in your .NET development. If that is the case, you have also found that there isn't a whole lot of help out there with reference to said reports.

The other day, a customer asked me to write a small application for him which would compile a bunch of information in a...
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Using Stored Procedures with VB.NET and SQL Server

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I thought about writing some insightful message that would, eventually, lead up to my version of how to execute a stored procedure in SQL Server from a VB.NET application. After giving it some thought, I decided to just get right down to what everyone cares about...the code. So here it is:

What I am using:...

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