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Linux Game Engine Revolution

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I know, I know! I should continue my newer series of Linux game programming tutorials, but I'm here to point out how having a game engine that works on Linux is actually worth the time these days.

About six years ago when I wrote my first set of tutorials, Windows was pretty much the thing you got when you wanted to play PC games. Your...
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LandTraveller - Bizarre Lighting Engine

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"LandTraveller" is the name of the game I have been writing from scratch in C/C++ (graphics were also drawn by me). You may have seen the old prototype, this is the normal version currently in Alpha. It's that top-down constructive action RPG game full of kemonomimi (lit. 'Beast Ears').

It's licenced under the LGPL...
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Fun With Haptic Devices

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I was tasked to write software on Linux that works with this thing. What is it? Thankfully there's a video explaining what it is. It's actually a neat idea to sacrifice movement range for a motion controller that actually works...
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When Software is No Longer Free

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This came up when I went to Google for my usual go-to tool for making .icos, YES I still write video games in Windows. By the way, part 2 of my new Linux Game Programming tutorials will be up.. whenever it gets approved.

You will probably not remember my old post about IcoFX...
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