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IconFX / Chibi-Sayu / RPG GUI Plugin Designs-Pics!

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Alright I wanna talk about IcoFX, some random freeware Windows .ico file creator application. You would think that the built-in .ico file editor for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 would be great but it's completely garbage. It won't let you make any higher than 256-color icon images and when I tried copying a picture and palette to make an...
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OctagonWolf Toolkit

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I'm going to be developing little libraries and content for a series of tools under the OctagonWolf name. It's actually containing little things here and there for quick implementation of features I need. I don't have a clear idea for any games so I'll just make a library of stuff and when the time comes, and I have a clear idea of...
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WeaponSoul Halted

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I'm on the verge of dropping this silly thing for me to continue later since I've been at it for over 3 years and I'm not getting much done. It's getting excessive and there are so many small game ideas I have that I can do in a short amount of time yet build up some games to show progress. A likely candidate is WeaponSoul:...
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A Test of Power (and My Abillity to Make Fun!)

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In order to manage all the features of the game, I've divided them into three sections.

The reason I titled this entry a test of power is because I'll be testing your skill at video games with this one~

Like a normal RPG, you have to explore maps and areas, but this is also a platformer where you're given X...
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Being Efficent

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I was given a problem and three functions in a Acknex forum for use with their engine. I found a solution that was quite neat so I decided to post it here.

c_trace, vec_dist, and a bounding box check...
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