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Game Review: FlyFF

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Game Review: FlyFF

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Developed by AeonSoft, global version published by gPotato
Note this is a review for the global version of FlyFF.
Score 2/5


I remember finding FlyFF from someone recommending that I try it. I was looking for a new MMORPG and he told me "FlyFF wasn't bad,". FlyFF wasn't bad. But, it's more like FlyFF wasn't that bad. I downloaded the game client and installed it, and the patcher opened up. I haven't found an up-to-date client yet but there may be one, however, expect to sit through hours of years worth of patches. The game looked honestly fun at first, while I waited for the patcher I flipped through the short guides about how to play the game. I was ready for a new MMORPG and when the client was ready for me to play a new MMORPG I fired up the client.

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That's not me playing, it usually never is...

I was greeted by what looked like faded versions of rejected Final Fantasy characters as characters and bizarre looking towns. You can at least look sort of different from everyone else but the models are so strange in the fact that yet everyone starts to look the same. It looks like a world of genderless beings who sometimes wear really bad clothes seen only on the fashion-senseless high-schooler or outlandish armor that looks like it's worn by someone who cosplays and strips at the same time.


Let's get to the gameplay. This is actually a very hard thing to review because the skill system keeps changing! They've changed it so many times, by the time you actually try the game yourself it might be completely different from this review. Everything is so unclear and the NPCs sometimes make little sense. Generally, you have your equipment, you learn skills as you level up (in whatever way it is now) and you just click to attack. There's nothing special at all about this game, there's nothing I can find that makes the fights different from anywhere else.

So... Now for the quests. They feel so randomly placed and choppy, and the NPCs speak a strange kind of English. Since it has been that way over the years, I doubt it's ever going to be better. The only quest that feels rewarding is the one you do to get one of 4 jobs at level 15. There's nothing that drives you to level up and play. There's some weird back story to the game that I've never really experienced in all the time I've played the game. I don't know how many hours I wasted since this was before I really started to use XFire.

Posted Image
The menus have text all smashed together and unrecognizable.
The photographer, for some reason, blurred the screen names of characters.

This game has PVP where you can duel, create a character on the total-PVP server where everyone can kill each other once they hit a specific level, or have guild wars. The duels is where it's at, otherwise the PVP experience is just some high level character that kills you over and over. There's games with a much better dueling system than this mess.

Flying for fun... That's the name of the game. So... You learn how to fly somewhere and then you fly. I was so excited to be able to do what this game is supposedly being unique for, but I was very disappointed. You're just flying and it doesn't feel exciting at all. It's more like a chore, you have to fly to cross the continents and land to fight enemies. You can fight enemies in the sky but to even more disappointment, if you're a magician you're pretty much worthless as you can't use skills in the sky.

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Flying is quite a chore in Fly for Fun. Irony is a healthy part of any diet.

They rarely add fun content (or any real content for that matter, it's all cash shop stuff they tend to add) to this game, and when they finally did it cost money to access (they may have opened it completely now).

Every MMORPG is a grind, but it should be a fun and meaningful grind! There needs to be fun in building up your character and making friends, and completing quests. But this MMORPG is a grind with nothing special about it at all. Dream of Mirror Online had good character building FFT style, MapleStory was an odd platform RPG combination, and even NosTale had some strange things about it that made it at least alright.

Graphics and Sound

Nothing in this game looks pretty. It looks like a really bad PS2 game, but at least it can run on old machines. The characters all look the same the longer you play and the enemies are generic looking blobs of triangles. Sometimes you would find an item that was really shiny, and it was fun to look at (like the Battle Shield), but that's about it. The water is just a blue texture that pulsated like heartbeat which was really weird. Is the water alive? The towns are lined with pastel building models and fences, which gives this feeling of being tired. Good graphics don't really mean anything, but bad graphics can ruin a game.

As a side note, remember that I'm talking about the artwork- not technical limitations. When I refer to bad graphics, I'm talking about violations of color, bizarre looking things, anything as a result of bad art. Even then the score is solely derived from the gameplay.

Posted Image
This is about as good as the graphics get.

The sounds of fighting lack that feeling that there's hurt being dished out. Just a thud and a thomp, a tiny slash sound and odd spell sounds make up the battle sounds. The music is very bad and drones on- which is bad for an MMORPG where you'll hear lots of it. None of the sounds really add much to the game experience, and you'll most likely mute them and turn on your MP3 player. However! If you start the game, and then run a batch file that temporarily swaps the game music mp3s in the data folder, the game will play that music instead! I found that funny, and added my own battle music and town music. If you swap before you start the game the patcher will re-download all the original mp3s.

Community and Servers

There's no bad lags or any hackers. I didn't have any bad experience with the community, but the game is populated by some Spanish, French, and German speaking players. I remember being insulted in German by a greedy and disgruntled FlyFF player and laughed at in French for some reason. There isn't much to say here, and you won't have a problem with the server lagging or any hackers.

Posted Image
What manner of creature is that thing!?


This game will just waste your time in the bad sense. An MMORPG must be a good waste of time and there's plenty of better games out there than this thing. I had no desire or push to level up or anything, and teaming up with other players didn't feel any better. It's because of games like these that make it difficult to find an MMORPG, so that's why I go through the trouble to make a straight honest review of every game I've played in my search for MMORPGs. Sure these games are free or at least have a trial and you can try them out for yourself, but you're going to have to spend a large amount of time searching unless you get lucky to find an MMORPG that is fun to play this way.

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