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Game Review: ASDA Story

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Game Review: ASDA Story

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Developed by MaxOn Soft Corp. and Global version published by Games Campus
Note this is a review of the Cames Campus version of ASDA Story (Global).
Score 2/5


I always like to try new things, and I remember hearing about this game a while back. I've heard some terrible things about it but I always give things a good shot. ASDA story sounds like someone randomly spazzed out on their keyboard and used that as the title- might as well call it ASFKAK story or SALDLSJ story, makes no difference in sense >.< I create my account and then log into the game and I'm ready to find my soulmate!!

Wait, what!?

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Click, watch your character attack... Shortest summary of this game!


It's your usual slew of nauseating MMORPG mediocrity, attack and attack and kill stuff. When I started the game I had no clue at all what I was supposed to do. I wandered around and found random quests to kill things and talk to people... You know, a tutorial isn't too much to ask these days! Seriously! Even FlyFF had a half-baked tutorial creature thingy, all I get in ASDA is some robot who keeps telling me over and OVER "There's someone in <insert location here> who wants to talk to you!". There's always someone in some place I've never heard before who wants to talk to me- that's real descriptive! It would have been nice to tell me WHO wants to talk to me and exactly WHERE they are- and with a little WHAT do they want with me on top~ Eventually I got to level 5 and finally something actually told me "It's time to change your job" and they told me where to find the NPC that helps me with that.

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You get to become a Warrior, Mage, or an Archer and each job has 3 sets of styles which revolve around weapons... I think. The skill system is so confusing, when I hover over skills on the window I get this wall of text in weird English. Somewhere between wandering aimlessly around lost, killing things, and doing random quests I lost my sanity and decided that I should give it a rest. What did it all in was the fact that there is this weird 'soulmate' system which simple encourages invite spam from questionable individuals to become a 'soulmate'. You know what? Why did I try out a game where the tag line is literally "Find your SoulMate!"!? But I have to do these, and hopefully someone will heed this warning and stay far away from this game as possible.

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Let's figure out random armor crafting!

If you want a good click-to-attack system it has to really STAND OUT from the rest in other ways. Like Dream of Mirror Online- that game was a welcome respite from trash like this game. Trickster Online wasn't bad either, it's also a great refreshing experience.

Graphics and Sound

The characters are rendered in nice detail, and have that weird kingdom hearts look to them a bit. Just look at the archer job instructor lady. The GUI has a nice motif to it with the gears, and the drawings of characters are alright but... Why does the environment look like a bad N64 game!? It looks so odd to see the characters and enemies fight and look so well created against a background that's totally ugly.

The music and sounds are pretty OK, the music reminds me of FlyFF though. It's OK music but the problem is that it will drive you insane after hearing it over and over for a while. Nothing terrible to say about the sound, it all sounds fine.

Community and Servers

There's no lags or anything, and aside from the terrible 'soulmate' system the other players don't have ways to be problems. I did get a little sick of the bot spammers "OMG SELLIN GAME GOLD" trying to scam players- the town is overrun by them. There's plenty of channels to log into though, so you can just log into channels 3 and up.


This game is so boring and uninteresting, it plays out like all the rest of the MMORPGs. It didn't hook me in and it didn't make me feel like playing ever again, also, it felt too much like FlyFF- the real challenge is trying to figure out which game was worse.

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