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Game Review: Luna Online

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Game Review: Luna Online

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Developed by EYA Interactive and published by gPotato
Note this is a review of the gPotato version of Luna Online (USA and Europe)
Score 4/5


So I come across this game one day and wonder what it is. EYA Interactive really got my interest in giving this game a try. Luna Online is a really generic name that says "I'm yet another Anime MMORPG from Korea!" and at first glance this game doesn't look like anything special at all...

So then. Why have I played it so much!? I'll have to explain in detail just why, of course~


I'm so glad they used NSIS instead of crappy InstallShield! Anyway, I start the game and make a character. You've got your standard kawaii assortment of characters to choose from. You can be a Human or an Elf, and pick one of the three classic styles of play (Fighter, Thief, or Mage). Humans have more offensive power while elves are faster and more resilient. It actually decides what your beginning stats will be. Despite the three basic choices, the game actually has the most insane class tree I've ever seen!

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What the...

I don't know if I'll ever play that long! Unfortunatly, when given the choice the game really didn't explain to me the differences in my options. I had to go to this Wiki to find out which class was great for two-handed offensive players. Your choice of what you decide to fight with will effect what you want to be when you level up. You can equip ANYTHING! You can be a knight who wears magic robes. It's just that you get skills that enhance what you're supposed to be fighting with, but you can decide that you can balance things out a little. One reason I gave this game a good score is because apart from raising just a few things to be great instead of wasting skill points, it really lets you do whatever you damn well please-!

So, while playing this game I realized something. It really makes no effort to hide the fact that all MMORPGs are grindfests. There's lots of MMORPGs (FlyFF I am glaring at you) at pretend that tedious grinding isn't a part of their game. But this game realizes it's all about the quests, leveling up, fighting with friends, PvP, guilds and all that it decides to make grinding fun. If you're going to be fighting things and the classic MMORPG feature set, then it needs to be fun. I mean there's a big class tree and tons of distractions and directions, you'll hit a new class with new skills often enough to keep the game fresh. The leveling speed is quite fast compared to the other games too. This is your MMORPG fix for casual or hardcore gamers. So, let me list off the weird systems in the game that make it interesting:

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Join a family and farming, you can be in a family and in a guild. There can be guild wars and you plant things in the farm with the family
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Fishing, I don't need to say more. You have to have fishing.
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Falcon Paunching- If you finish an enemy off with a skill it flies backwards. Never gets old XD
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Dating (yeah, a date in Luna is basically a dungeon instance where you fight mobs of enemies that flood the screen)

Along with the standard quests, guilds, parties, PvP, PvP wars, crafting and enchanting. It's all there. There's even some monster costumes you might find. Equipping a number of matching pieces of a monster costume gives you bonuses and they are worn over your armor.

I do list all of the features of the game, but really there's one simple thing that makes this game better than many. Auto loot. You kill the monster and it's items are added to your inventory plus gold automatically. That way, you can just kill kill kill. To top it off, the game tracks how long you've been playing as the character in minutes, and how many kills you got.

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Oh yeah

You get bonus items as you kill and they're usually rare gemstones and greater potions.

I totally think it's really funny that you can just randomly go on date instances to see if you and your partner can kill an insane amount of enemies at once. It could have just been called "challenge instance" or something. It's probably a naming ploy to add to the social value of the game and I think it's a really great move that it doesn't matter and you can invite anyone.


This game has your usual 3D kawaii characters and Anime portrait NPCs. Just like this annoying red bikini armor lady who tells you how to play the game:

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The characters were made well and the background is still as bland as ever, but it's a little better than other games.

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The animation is kind of funny, your actions are unusually detailed. And there's like 8 different dance moves you can do. There isn't much to say about the graphics, it's all done like it should be. Nothing extraordinary and nothing annoying...

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...Except for I think they used waaay to many particle effects for just a simple slash attack.


Let me tell you about the sound! I have a really hard time trying to tell whether a scream, hurt sound, or voice was made by a girl or a guy. It feels like it kept changing in my character, sometimes she sounded like a girl and sometimes like a guy. This might be because.. well.. Sometimes it's the same freaking sound for both genders!! But it is funny when the male characters die, it sound like they're dry heaving "GUROROOROHHHHGHHGHHHH!!1!!11". It's not so much a problem really. It's only annoying when you go AFK near a banker. No no, the banker is silent, it's the fact that every time you construct, destruct, reinforce, enchant, open a prize box you shout "OH YEAAAAAAAA!1!1111" as loud as your character possibly can. Lots of people love to take out all their gemstones and manage their inventory, so while you're trying to store things you'll hear "OH YEAAAA" "OH YEAAA" over and over again. Oh and before they shout that, they have the most annoying 'pondering' hum ever "hmmmmmmmmmmm!!1!!1". And to top it off, the mages shout things, presumably in Korean, to attack every time they use a spell. I was still fine, but I really wished there was a separate slider in options for Voices apart from normal sound effects.

The first couple of songs in the game sound like some weird Korean MMORPG dance mix music. It's actually kind of catchy and gets stuck in your head for a bit just like MegaMan music. However, the songs go to drab and serious tunes that get boring fast in the later levels. I'm hoping there's some awesome music later, but I doubt it. Nothing stopping you from turning music off and turning on your MP3s. If I ever made an MMORPG, id have a special config program that lets the player swap the game songs for their own.


The controls work just fine.. There's just one problem. If you're a guild recruiter and you want to add people, the obvious right click GUILD INVITE option doesn't work, no, you have to highlight the target player and press G. And then click Guild Fnc, and then click the invite button. I'm sure they'll fix that soon but it's just annoying. Other than that the controls are pretty much easy to use. I just hate how there's lots of Engrish. This game has the same problem that this game has with the text.


This game is so fun because it's simply satisfying. There are little problems here and there that hold it back, the game doesn't try to do anything overly revolutionary and there's just flaws here and there that prevent me from giving it a perfect score. But it's still a worthwhile game. I keep thinking it's the game ASDA should have been. I look forward to what the game will have in it as it's just barely opened up.

Go ahead and give the game a try for yourself!

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16 July 2010 - 06:11 AM
"Nothing stopping you from turning music off and turning on your MP3s. If I ever made an MMORPG, id have a special config program that lets the player swap the game songs for their own."

I believe Dekaron (2moons or EliteDekaron in America) have this option.
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