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Return of RPG20XX

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I had once talked about an old engine replacement for RPG Maker 2003 I called RPG Maker 20XX. It was an open source ground-up replacement for the RPG_RT.exe binary which could play RPG Maker 2003 games. I had cancelled the project a long time ago because of the long drawn out mess that was trying to make sense of Enterbrain's formats.

There's still users of the software trying to get it to work on Windows 8 since it ran smoothly, had a true retro feel to it, and was more fun to use than the later entries. I decided to return and complete the project, but do it the right way. I began creating a standalone toolkit that was similar yet different to RPG Maker 2003, with all the features users have been hacking on to the ancient software over the years.

I've already been working on it whenever there was time. It's largely incomplete and unpolished (awkward to use), but that part is obvious. I'm trying to capture all that was fun with making retro style console RPGs. The software was never intended to be used by actual software engineers and I've seen many of its fans come from a more graphic arts or writing background. A lot of artists never bothered to learn the writing of software but took to these programs to let them create games from their art anyways. Other people just want to goof around with RPG elements.

Everything is looking alright so far. I might be able to make ports of the engine part of the software to Linux, Android, etc. - but only time will tell.

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13 June 2014 - 08:03 AM
Heh.. darn near three plus years of development?


16 June 2014 - 05:53 AM
One year plus two of hiatus.
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