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Windows 10, still has a long way to go

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It's been a while since I started the Windows 10 Technical Preview. While it is better than Windows 8, it's still kind of bad.. Alright it's not looking good so far. But there's still a few months left and I've got to keep using it all the way for a fair judgement. What's wrong?

The start menu is really good, but Windows 7's greatness was much more than the start menu. It doesn't help that half the time when I click buttons, they animate like they're being pressed but nothing happens. I swear they only work if I just click harder, but I can't really explain what it feels like. The live tiles to the right work out and you don't actually have to put any actual live tiles if you don't want to. They can just be program links and icons and the expansion to the right lets you put many of them there while keeping them organized.

The file explorer drives me a little crazier! Sometimes it doesn't open but it actually is. So you click it again a bit "harder" (because you're not sure if it was the problem I mentioned above) and then all of a sudden 8 or more file explorer windows pop up and then you've got to close all the others. Then when you're trying to browse the files, none of the icons for the files have loaded. You can't do anything either, it does nothing when you copy/paste/move/etc. files. And then the icons slowly load (taking about 3 minutes) and then it suddenly does the 4 or more file copy operations on the same file that you told it to do. This thing is nearly unusable.

I've looked online and some people claim this is because Windows 10 is optimized for SSDs. I don't know if this is true, and even if it was, Windows 7 worked just fine. Windows 10 should work even faster, not slower.

Changing the settings for anything is really annoying, the newer applications are all horribly over simplified, take up your entire screen and won't let you change anything useful. The old control panel is still there, but I'm afraid Microsoft is going to get rid of it. The new calculator is obnoxious too. The quick program that used to take up a small space now fills your 1080p monitor with giant buttons and lots of unused gray space. It doesn't even shrink all the way when you try to resize it. It's really annoying because I keep trying to move it over so I can see the numbers in the document I was trying to punch into the calculator!

Windows 10 is very ugly. Even uglier than Microsoft BOB. Everything is a monochrome oversized square with 1 color in it. You can flip through the Windows Feedback program and see the thousands of "bring back Windows Aero!" comments. Granted I'd actually like Windows Classic back since everything was a 3D shaded gray square so I could tell what's clickable and what isn't, but I still liked the glass look of Windows Vista and 7. You can't even really customize Windows 10's look. You get like 1 color to choose and it doesn't even work right. The window title fonts keep changing their color to be too bright or too dark and contrast poorly with the title bar so you can't read them.

Then there's how Windows OneDrive is prevalent. When I tell Windows I want it gone, I want it gone. Not hide and run in the background yet show up in my tray anyways. I want it gone. Microsoft has even removed some of the registry tricks that worked in Windows 8/8.1 to make sure you can't get rid of it. I want it gone. It wastes your time and bandwidth syncing files to a Microsoft Account you didn't want in the first place. I want it gone. This feature ought to scare the anti-surveillance folks out there even more since it can check any of your files at any time. I want it gone. When I want to sync files, I'm using version control like SVN or GIT. I want it gone. This is probably the one thing that can be a deal-breaker for many who like to micromanage all their files. I want it gone.

I've also seen reports that it doesn't like some hardware, especially WiFi adapter cards. Like mine. Every time I start the machine I have to unplug and plug my WiFi card back in for it to actually load. And then Windows 10 randomly shuts it off about 3/5 times a day so I have to pull it out and put it back in. Thankfully it's a USB one, but it still drives me crazy if I happen to be playing an online game.

Lots of the new applications, like Skype, are fullscreen Windows Metro abominations that clash horribly with all your regular GUIs. Sure the dreaded Windows Start Menu is gone, but you really wanted the ugly hard-to-use and oversimplified interfaces to go with it.

Windows 10 is advertising the "Continuum" where it is one operating system for all devices. Isn't trying to satisfy everyone with one interface what started the Windows 8 mess in the first place? This seems to be making it worse. In this situation we all lose.

I started out sort of feeling OK about Windows 10, but now I kind of hate it. It's no Windows 7. I loved Windows 7 the moment I first turned it on, but this kind of worries me. At least Android has been on a rapid rise and is now the 2nd most used operating system in the world (still dwarfed by Windows 7), so you know you can just ditch this whole mess and release your applications for Android instead. Develop on whatever you love, release to what makes sense.

But there are still a few months left. Let's see what happens next with Windows 10..

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27 October 2014 - 07:07 AM


At least Android has been on a rapid rise and is now the 2nd most used operating system in the world

I certainly would never use an 'android' OS on a desktop. ChromeOS blew on the chromebooks too.


29 October 2014 - 12:14 PM
At least there's going to be a pack manager: http://www.extremete...-of-linux-users

I'm going to definitely try this once I get home.


03 November 2014 - 04:59 AM
Wouldn't be surprised if Windows 11 came out the moment Windows 10 shows signs of 'being good'.


05 November 2014 - 10:15 AM
I actually would be surprised. Microsoft wouldn't do that because then they would lose a ton of Windows 10 sales as everyone holds out. People were already holding out and not getting Windows 8 and/or they're getting Android devices for their next machine. Microsoft is trying to do the opposite and re-establish an operating system, but my still-lackluster experience for Windows 10 makes me feel like Windows 7 is going to be it. The last great operating system.


17 November 2014 - 03:44 PM
I don't think you can really make any kind of judgement on an completely unfinished product, wait and see how it looks a year from now.


03 December 2014 - 01:19 AM
That's no longer an excuse. We live in a world where beta quality software is released at retail price (mostly in video games) with phrases such as "early access" and making the customers the beta testers.

These days, if you release something that I use, I will pass judgement
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