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js - unit testing with jasmine

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I've been working on a web application side project for several months now and I'm just now to the point where I need to start thinking about refactoring some common javascript code into separate files. That kind of a 'migration' can be very stressful and often leads to thoughts of uncertainty. For instance, there is...
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Rails - Sending delete signals to rails with jQuery since it broke PROTOTYPE's delete links

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UPDATE: This link solves the problem too, although this is still a good read to better know jQuery. http://buddylindsey....-ruby-on-rails/...
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Rails - How to backup and restore the current status of the database easily

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While I'm a huge fan of THIS...
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Rails: Populate your database with sample data

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Your rails app has a special folder where you put "tasks" to be run. This folder is...

Most people have a task that they use to populate their database with "test data". This powerful feat can be accomplished with the simple command...
$  rake db:populate
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Web Related - Most Potent Libraries

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When you're working on web applications, you don't want to be troubled with dealing with the underlieing technologies (tcp, javascript, html ie5, html ie6, html ie7, html opera 9, html opera10, html firefox, css ie5, css ie6, etc...)

Instead, you want to be learning about libraries that automatically handle those very lame and...
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005 Rails: From Views to Models -- The flow of data from the user

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Ok, in our last iteration of |blog| we wrote of models...
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002 - Rails Fundamentals (from Models and Migrations to Bundler and Rake)

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NOTICE: This is an overview/ adumbration, which you should come back to again after building your first app in order to fill in all the gaps.

Models, Migrations, Views, Controllers, (and generators)...
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jQuery and input forms

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After scrambling to figure out how I'm going to accomplish my next bullet point, I stumbled across this interesting demo of rails using jQuery to have dynamic input forms.

ref: http://upcomer.wordp...-jquery-basics/...
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004 - Models and objects in rails

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In rails, models are your objects. If you're coming from C# background, or something similar, that makes perfect sense to you. If not, this code might explain the concept.

my_new_object =
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How to get a C# app to upload to rails (respond_to do |format|) XML

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Imagine that you have data in a computer program you wrote, and you'd like to send that data up to your rails app. Well, this tutorial will illustrate exactly how to do that using C# as the language. In the process, you will learn more about that pesky respond_to do |format| syntax and what it does.

We will see how to setup the rails...

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