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The Programmer's Bookshelf

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Following is a list of some titles that I've found beautiful or useful or both. I'm not gong to say much about them here, but they're all likely to give you interesting things to think about.

  • Introduction to Graph Theory (Richard Trudeau)
  • The Art of Computer Programming (Donald E. Knuth)
  • ...
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"Write a code" considered painful

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Pet peeve time: "code" in the software sense is a mass noun, not a collective noun. It has no plural. You don't eat "an oatmeal" or several "oatmeals", you eat oatmeal. In the same way, you don't write "a code" or "codes", you write code. If you mean a unified body of code that can be run...
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dd considered terrifying

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If you don't feel a little twinge of fear any time you start typing an invocation of dd, you should probably not have admin access to anything at all, including your refrigerator. dd is the primal Elder Sorcery of unix. It is absolutely terrifying in the raw power that it commands, and the utter disregard it shows for safety. Its very syntax...
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Death Marches Considered Harmful

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Some Lessons Learned...
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My First Scala "Hulk Smash" moment

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Scala has tuples. Great, I like tuples. Immutable sequences, quite handy.
Here's one:
scala> val triple = (1,2,3)triple: (Int, Int, Int) = (1,2,3)

Cool. So how do I get a value out of one of these guys? Like this:

scala> triple._1res6: Int = 1
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How do you pronounce xBB?

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I was recently reminded of this, which I originally posted in the xkcd fora some months ago, but I figured some DIC folks might enjoy it as well:

Binary, hex, and so forth are written (or coded, or otherwise nonverbal) systems for representing numeric values. Typically, if you need to express a numeric value verbally, you use decimal. If you need...
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Murach's Java Programming, 4th Edition

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A review of Murach's Java Programming (4th Ed.)
Joel Murach,
ISBN 978-1-890774-65-3

Murach's introduction to Java would make an reasonably good textbook in a lecture-driven course. The explanations of individual procedures are clear and simple. However, as a guide for self-study, it is lacking in important areas. There is...
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"I'll get to it when..." considered harmful.

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This was something I wrote in one of the many "which language should I learn" threads. (link)

I wrote it last night, and I still think it's good, so I'm going to put it here. This is in response to someone who said, paraphrasing, "I'll learn C++ now, and I'll come back to the C later on."

I recognize this,...
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tl;dr Considered Inane

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I don't know when the cool kids started saying it, but in the last two weks I've started seeing the abbreviation "tl;dr"
in various fora, standing for "too long; didn't read".
This sigil is then followed by some ill-considered comment on the subject at hand, generally addressed in the material the poster found too...
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