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How do you pronounce xBB?

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I was recently reminded of this, which I originally posted in the xkcd fora some months ago, but I figured some DIC folks might enjoy it as well:

Binary, hex, and so forth are written (or coded, or otherwise nonverbal) systems for representing numeric values. Typically, if you need to express a numeric value verbally, you use decimal. If you need...
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Murach's Java Programming, 4th Edition

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A review of Murach's Java Programming (4th Ed.)
Joel Murach,
ISBN 978-1-890774-65-3

Murach's introduction to Java would make an reasonably good textbook in a lecture-driven course. The explanations of individual procedures are clear and simple. However, as a guide for self-study, it is lacking in important areas. There is...
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"I'll get to it when..." considered harmful.

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This was something I wrote in one of the many "which language should I learn" threads. (link)

I wrote it last night, and I still think it's good, so I'm going to put it here. This is in response to someone who said, paraphrasing, "I'll learn C++ now, and I'll come back to the C later on."

I recognize this,...
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tl;dr Considered Inane

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I don't know when the cool kids started saying it, but in the last two weks I've started seeing the abbreviation "tl;dr"
in various fora, standing for "too long; didn't read".
This sigil is then followed by some ill-considered comment on the subject at hand, generally addressed in the material the poster found too...

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