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Proof of Youth

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It's been a long time since I posted in this one! Nonetheless my love for music never went down.

The title of this blog is from my least favorite album from a band I'm a fan of, the genre bending The Go! Team. Their first album, "Thunder Lightning Strike" is flat out awesome and should be added to any self - respecting music lover's library. Their third album, "Rolling Blackouts", is a great guilty pleasure. Somewhere lost in the shuffle is the second album, which for some reason for me didn't stand out. I ended up removing it from my music library.

A few months after that, I decided to give it another spin, and whoa, I like it now. I guess people's taste in music evolve as you listen to lots of albums in different genres and you begin to appreciate the little details, making the boring albums of the past gain a fresh new sound. I know, this happened to me before too, when I first tried listening to My Bloody Valentine's "Loveless" which at first didn't stand out for me, only the track "Soon" got my attention. I tried listening to it again after a long time and whoa, I now like the album as a whole.

So, widen your music listening! Don't stick on one genre! Explore! ^^

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