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My Journey Into XNA

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So recently I decided to learn XNA. Thought: "OK this is great, gonna finally learn how to make proper games!". The first thing I did is searched the internet for great absolute-beginner step-by-step XNA tutorials. And one of the best I found were the: Riemer's 2D & 3D XNA Tutorials (This stuff is AWESOME).

Since I have a very strong background (I like to think that :D) in C#, I thought this wasn't going to be too hard. But then I realized it isn't that easy.

The first thing I realized is that it isn't an event driven programming model (yeah this is really the first time I met with XNA). The next thing I realized is that it isn't just a starter kit for making games. It's the new version of Managed DirectX (That is a wrapper for the native DirectX libraries).

So then I got even more pumped. Through that tutorial I learned a year's worth of MATH! You have to program the rotation of the sprites, the influence of gravity, everything by hand, by using matrices. So this was one more thing I set to learn.

So mostly learning game programming is learning math and physics. This all sounded great in the start but after 6h of head pumping, I started to tire and get bored. So I decided to call it a night.

The next day I learned even more and kept discovering how cool the XNA actually was. At the end I finished my first 2D XNA project. It felt awesome, because I learnt so much...

So again if you need a great starters tutorial look at: Riemer's 2D & 3D XNA Tutorials!

The next journey will be to start learning 3D game programming. Yaaay! :D

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