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Change in activity level

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01aug13: I've changed employers and no longer working at home. So I won't be answering posts in real-time through out the work day. Don't take this as disinterest in the site. Its just I can't do that from a new office as a new employee. So its nights and weekends for me.
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Would you show me how to build this program?

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I've seen this a lot lately. I'm starting to think people asking this don't really grasp the depth of what they are asking. So let me spell it out. You are asking that a volunteer:

  • Architect a design for your program.
  • ...
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Write Senator Feinstein and tell her she is on the wrong path

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This is a blog entry - as such it is my personal opinion and may not be the opinion of the management of this site.

My letter to senator Feinstein:...
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Even the Russians are warning us not to give up our guns / 2nd Amendment rights.

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The following is a blog entry. My personal commentary and opinion. It is not necessarily the opinion of the management of this technology site.

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Protect your constitutional rights!

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I don’t post/forward this stuff often. But protecting second amendment rights is vital. The page and video below are very well done and do a great job of educating the public on what exactly is ‘semi automatic’ and how most guns are semi-auto and that doesn’t make them ‘assault weapons’. Please feel free to send this to others to help educate...
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On the 'good' list for Christmas

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  • 15 high-capacity (30 round) polycarb mags for my AR-15
  • 1,000 rounds of .223
  • Quick release scope mount
  • Armorer's wrench

Merry Christmas to me!

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Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO) Concert 2012

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One of my Christmas traditions: The Trans-Siberian Orchestra show:

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Don't confuse frankness with anger

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I recently received an IP from someone that thought I was angry at them, just because I pointed out they hadn't so much as cracked open a book and made an effort to learn the ultra basics.

After writing a private reply I realized that many young people are not used to be spoken to frankly. They are unfamiliar with someone talking to them...
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Shuttle gets a lift

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Every so often there is a thread about "What do you do when you aren't coding?"

One of my hobbies is photography. Living outside Houston gave me the unique opportunity today to shoot the Space Shuttle Endeavor riding atop a 747, landing here on its way to California.
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Be realistic about your degree

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We see it a lot here: Graduates thinking that newly minted diploma is their golden ticket to wealth. They are confident they are going to start in a $200,000/year job and so on.

A friend of mine just sent me this and I think it is a good real-world reminder of what to expect.

I'm not saying that everyone can...

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