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Example of not having the life skills to be a programmer

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It doesn't matter if you have the intellect to be a coder if your ego is so frail that you can't take criticism.

There seem to be a lot of young people / rookie coders out there that have not yet really grown up. I think our society is breeding a generation of people that expect it to be the job of everyone else to blow rainbows and sunshine up their skirt. Everything in their lives is about being [Like]'d.
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If someone has the audacity to talk to these people like grown-ups they just breakdown in tears - followed by lashing out like spoiled 5 year old.

This guy is a perfect example: But by no means is he rare. More and more he is becoming the norm. After 3 pages of patient help by BobRodes and myself KKUSA flew off the handle at a simple sentence. It wasn't insulting, it wasn't condescending. It just wasn't stroking the fragile ego of this kid.

So here's the moral of this story: If you are one of these people then you should consider yourself unequipped for a life as a software developer regardless of your coding skills. As an intern people are going to dump on you: Hard. They are going to dump crap work on the newbie. They are going to dump on you about how bad your style is because its the crap that comes right out of school. They are going to dump on you for lack of foresight because you don't (yet) have the experience to envision what users really do to programs. Your bosses are going to dump on your for taking far too long to produce far too little code. If you are going to fall apart, flail your arms, verbally attack everyone because they said they didn't like something you wrote then you just aren't ready for this industry. There is no shame in that. I don't have the right people skills to be in food service. I would be a clock-tower-sniper by the end of the day if I had one of those jobs where I had to deal with idiots at a customer service counter all day. I wouldn't make a good doctor either. Not everyone is personally equipped for every career path. If you are too fragile to take criticism then don't become a coder.

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21 June 2012 - 12:40 PM
Bwahaha.. I would even go farther and say "Don't try to create something and put it out there".

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