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Protect your constitutional rights!

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I don’t post/forward this stuff often. But protecting second amendment rights is vital. The page and video below are very well done and do a great job of educating the public on what exactly is ‘semi automatic’ and how most guns are semi-auto and that doesn’t make them ‘assault weapons’. Please feel free to send this to others to help educate the public before we follow other countries like England and Australia into banning public ownership of guns. Its easier to stop the laws from going into place than to repeal them when people realize how much damage they’ve done.

Think about this: Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City – All in gun-prohibiting states. Do you want your town to be as ‘safe’ from gun violence as those cities? Stopping lawful citizens from owning guns just tells the criminals: “Easy pickings here: There is no one to shoot back.”


Slow at first but worth watching the whole film. This was forwarded to me. It's an Interesting web site describing weapons to be band and modification of weapons.

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