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Write Senator Feinstein and tell her she is on the wrong path

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My letter to senator Feinstein:
I don't know what happened to you that made you fear guns and hate those that carry them. I extend my sincerest sorrow to you for whatever that event may have been.

But I would like to point out the irony that you are following in the footsteps of 1940's Germans by trying to take away the guns of your citizens and establish a database of those that still have them.

I'm sure others have mentioned that defining "assault weapon" is nearly impossible. Its a great buzzword for TV soundbites, but the semi-automatic mechanism of an AR-15 is no different than the semi-automatic mechanism of most hunting rifles. And as far as magazines with more than 10 rounds... These are not about killing as many people as possible. They are about firing as many rounds as is needed to do the job. Just ask the LAPD: They carry 15 round mags because even for trained officers only 1 in 5 rounds hit the suspect.

Its a shame we don't live in Utopia. But we don't. And when faced with a crazy person threatening your family using harsh language doesn't save lives. Calling 911 to take a report after the killing just isn't an answer. Response time for 911 is 12 minutes. Response time for my own 9mm is 2 seconds. I hope to never need to fire my weapon at another living being. But it is good to know I can come to the defense of others if the unthinkable becomes reality.

You're from California where gun laws are stricter than the rest of the USA. Is it working? Is LA a safe place? How about Illinois where it is even tougher? Would you walk through south Chicago at night without your armed body guards or a gun of your own? Now compare that to Nevada where open carry is legal, or Arizona where both open carry and concealed carry don't require a permit. The simple fact is that "Gun free zone" to a criminal is a sign that says "Unarmed victims here".

You have the right to not carry a weapon if you so choose. But please don't take away my rights just because you don't agree with my choices. My ability to responsibly carry a handgun in no way affects your choice not to. You believe in the right for a woman to have an abortion. Should another senator pass a law to prohibit that just because they disagree with the choice?

What about freedom of religion? Should we start passing measures to limit that as well? Should we register everyone that goes to a particular kind of church? Maybe just the cults like in Waco TX? Oh, and the Muslims because others of their faith have killed so many Americans? I'm sure a case could be made that tracking these people is in the best interest in the safety of America and its citizens. You see, taking away people's rights is a slippery slope.

I applaud your desire to keep people safe. But disarming them is not the way. The first 2,000 gun laws didn't suddenly make all the criminals into upstanding citizens, nor did those laws miraculously make all the crazies into sane people. More iron-fisted government is not the answer. Nor is it the vision that America was founded upon.

If you want to keep people safe, then fix the loopholes in the laws that put criminals on the streets. Stop letting them out of jail early because of over crowding. Stop having repeat offenders walk free. The weaknesses in these other systems is what makes the citizens need to protect themselves because government isn't doing the job. If you want to get guns off the streets then eliminate the need. Guns don't produce crime any more than cars produce drunks.

You can still be the poster child for saving Americans, just shift gears. Stop being seen as the woman who wants to destroy the constitution and take away people's rights. Start campaigning for real change in the prosecuting of criminals. Be known for promoting real change to the system by finding alternatives to gang membership. True rehabilitation and retraining, not just warehousing of convicts. Stop crime, not citizens' rights.

You too can write here and tell her she's on the wrong path:

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