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Would you show me how to build this program?

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I've seen this a lot lately. I'm starting to think people asking this don't really grasp the depth of what they are asking. So let me spell it out. You are asking that a volunteer:

  • Architect a design for your program.
  • Write all the code for it.
    (so at this point they have done all of your work for you by building the program)
  • Then break down everything they did into explanations of how and why.
  • Take screen shots along the way.
  • Then build a tutorial to teach you everything they did.

So not only are you asking them to do your job, you're also asking them to do your college professor's job. And you want them to do it all for free.

What happens if someone does spend 100 hours doing all that for you?
  • You turn around and turn in the project as your work; either to school or employer.
  • If its your school we would be an accomplice to your cheating, as well as cheating yourself out of actually learning your trade craft. So you would now be doubly fraked on the next assignment.
  • If its your employer: You shouldn't have the job. Why on Earth would we do your paid job for you for free and then explain it all to you so you could bluff your way through the job? Employees like that just contaminate the career field that we make a living in.

Hopefully you can now understand why the answer is 'no'.

Don't get in a rush to design. You need to learn the foundation concepts of your chosen programming language first. Crawl, then walk, then run, then run with scissors.

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