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[WPF] The member xxx is not recognized or is not accessible

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I've read several posts about how people were seeing XAML reporting that some property or event in their class couldn't be recognized or accessed.

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When it was clearly present.

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This was usually followed by someone admitting they typo'd something or another.

Well today it happened to me on a project that I've been working on for a week, in files that I haven't touched in days. But suddenly reporting this. WTF, right? After some googling I ran across this thread on Stack Overflow and saw an answer that seemed completely unrelated and silly... but it did strike a chord with me because I had been working out the build for x86, x64 and AllCPU. So although it seemed silly, the timing was unmistakable.

This find is not mine and credit goes to Brian Lemming on Stack Overflow. But in the interest of cutting headaches for the community at large and having this information backed up in a second Google-able location I'm repeating it here. Please take a minute and up-vote this on S.O. so the original finder can get credit for it.

I will add one thing not mentioned in the original article: Be sure to update both the DEBUG and RELEASE references in the .cproj file

Once I fixed .cproj file in Notepad I reopened the solution in Visual Studio, cleaned, rebuild and all my inaccessible properties were suddenly happy again.

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