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New 2D Game

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As a indie game hobbyist, I enjoy creating games for free. That's the benfit of using Java for developement, that it's all free unless you are willing to pay employees. As a teen, I'm not into paying for employees, and I'm creating everything from scratch, by hand. So I had a great idea for a game, will I sell it? perhaps, perhaps not.
Here's a detailed version of my idea, I may post tutorials later if the idea catches on:
-A random, blocky 2D World is generated. (Sure, start bombarding me as to how it's a Minecraft clone!)
-The player must then build a shelter, and get items from nearby resources.
-The player will get visited by NPC's, and are offered achallenge. If th eplayer accpets, then they must do as the
NPC says and gather resources, or build a stockpile of wepaons, and the player wil receive some rare items.
-Once all fun and games are done, the player will have to start going on quests to other biomes(That, unlike Minecraft, are greatly varied and hazardous. The biomes will mostly feature out of the box type landscapes)
--After the player does so, they will have to craft 5 teleporters and go to each of the five 'other' dimensions, eeach have random terain, and beat the bosses there. Once all bosses are dead, the final boss lurks at a hell-like world((Far from the Nether, although most Minecraft-craved-enthusiasts will likely disagree), and defeating it will end the game.
-Or, there is just regular survival mode, where ther is no goal, but to survive.
-Also, a level editor is planned to be added so that the user can generate full-on adventure map-type levels without any other conditions, then the level can be exported and others can download it and do stuff with it.

Any suggestions?

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24 February 2012 - 11:03 AM
Also, the game has been started on, but only the basics. I'm going solo so far, and the fact that I'm a teen and have school, doesnt help the matter.
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