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Keeping Updated

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Recently I have become aware of the necessity of programmers to keep up with modern ways of working. How many of the following are you not confident in:

* Test Driven and Behaviour Driven Development (TDD, BDD)
* Amazon Web Services
* node.js and jquery
* Android and iOS development
* mongoDB and Hadoop
* Agile/Scrum/XP methodologies

I am seeing...
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Book Deal

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So I have been approached by an agent for a niche technical publisher who wants me to write a book for them, on the basis of some articles I wrote on my blog. The subject will be 'Web Scraping with Java: How To'.

They seem like a decent publisher; some offers like this you have to be wary of, from 'fake' publishers that require...
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I Am Now Really A Software Engineer

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So, about a month ago, things came to a head and I handed in my resignation at the BBC. I had a job offer from another company, which promised me a pure developer role, unlike the role I'm currently working at the Beeb.

Well, the BBC came back with a counter-offer, part of which was the promise to move into a flagship project team, as a...
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Inside Google HQ

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This week, I am in San Francisco. Today, I got given a tour of the Googleplex in silicon valley, by a friend of a friend who works as a recruiter at Google. It was absolutely amazing. The whole place is a heaven on Earth for engineers. Imagine all the stuff you could possibly want at your workplace, and then add some other stuff that you...
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Software Development at the BBC

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So I thought I'd write about how things 'get done' in my department at the BBC, and how we write software.

Meet the Team.....
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I am not really a software engineer (but don't tell anyone..)

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So.. at work, even though it's my official job title, I am not really a software engineer. I am more of a systems/broadcast engineer with a little bit of software development. I mean, sure, I write code - but it's mainly patching other peoples' code, and it's usually only a couple of lines here and there. The majority of my work...
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This is basically my CV..

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So.. a little about me, as an introduction.

* My current job is software engineer at the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)
* I have been programming since I was 16 (13 years now)
* My (current) career ambition is to be a Java software developer.
* Previous roles have included: IT analyst, IT manager, Release manager, web developer, sysadmin,...
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