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This is basically my CV..

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So.. a little about me, as an introduction.

* My current job is software engineer at the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)
* I have been programming since I was 16 (13 years now)
* My (current) career ambition is to be a Java software developer.
* Previous roles have included: IT analyst, IT manager, Release manager, web developer, sysadmin, contractor.
* I am a graduate of Sussex University's BSc Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence degree. (in the top 10 for CS rankings in the UK)

I would say that I am an expert at Linux. I have been using Linux since forever, and am one of those guys who does everything on the command prompt. I have used several different distributions, and have run my own VPS Linux servers for years, as well as admin'd a high availability web application cluster with MySQL and Tomcat servers.

I want to be an expert in Java. I learned Java at university, but that was a long time ago. I have been refreshing my knowledge by taking an undergraduate distance-learning course in Java. I also have been coding in Java here and there in my day job, but am lacking experience in Spring, Hibernate, and general J2EE. If you want to get a job as a java developer here in the UK, then they generally they ask for these skills.

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