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I am not really a software engineer (but don't tell anyone..)

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So.. at work, even though it's my official job title, I am not really a software engineer. I am more of a systems/broadcast engineer with a little bit of software development. I mean, sure, I write code - but it's mainly patching other peoples' code, and it's usually only a couple of lines here and there. The majority of my work involves reconfiguring systems, and systems administration. The BBC is so vast, (it employs about 60,000 people) that we have all these specialist and niche jobs, such as mine.

I would rather be a straight software engineer. Broadcast engineering knowledge, of which I have to have quite a bit, is not transferrable. If I wanted to get a job elsewhere with my broadcast skills, then I could work for a TV company, but that would be it. I want the flexibility of leaving the BBC someday, and going into a software engineering job.

Also, broadcast is suprisingly boring. Everything is moving to IPTV, which is things like iPlayer, TV on Demand, and other TV content streamed through an internet connection, rather than down a satellite dish. The majority of the software engineers in my department are working on iPlayer. It is just me and a few others that aren't. This is a bit annoying, because having iPlayer on my resume would basically mean I could walk into jobs at some very cool organisations. But, because I'm a specialist in the old broadcast systems that no-one is developing on anymore, this looks a bit less impressive.

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