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Space Age Game Idea P:1

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Heres a list of small idea i got to make if i can ever make this type of game. Im still thinking of what else there would be dor a type of game like this. I was thinking of making it 3D/2D with different aspects to each character. Have a small cut scene in the beginning showing the story that would happen but it can take months to do this alone right now because most of Vaceitos members are on vacation from school or testing.
-Start on a random planet after crash landing your transport ship with your crew members(6)
-Explore the unknown land of this planet while fighting aliens and weird experimental creatures that were sent away from the Earth government.
-You start off with your transport ship which has been supplied with around a month supply of resources- that are vital for survival.
-You find abandoned colonies that look like they have been captured by whatever is lurking in this parts of space.
-You have the option of having multiple colonies that are still alive but with massive damage that has caused them to live underground.
-Most planets are like clones of earth but have different effects on you like the food and resources.
-Most food and resources will spoil after some time and requires that you save it in the little containers that each crew member has within them.
-To gather more members to your crew from this clone looking planet most of the damaged colonies might try to negotiate with you in trade or joining.
-At random times you will have to encounter the experiential creatures from the government which are mutated animals, humans, or robots that have gone wild and irresponsible which cause the most damage to anything they would find of living.
-To survive most attacks you have different tactics which the leader of the colony has power to like(exp. Attack with all you have, Defend at all cost, Run and hide underground, and any tactics that are most used).
-You can live above ground or underground which can be helpful or bad depending whatever is found most safe(Above ground you have the chance of being attacked but have more time to gather whatever is found anywhere, Underground is safe but your members would have to deal with going up the ladders or the elevator of your ship if you have found a way to remove it and use it for something helpful.
-You can demolish your ship to use its different parts to make weapons, equipment, containers, homes, or spare parts that can repair damaged items.

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