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Name:N/A Genre: Sand Box, Space Age, Town, Building, Strategy

Crew of 7 members spawn on landing site.
Able to salvage around the ship for crates full of a month long of food and replacement parts for your ship.
Your able to explore and collect resources that's outside your ship to build craft able items, buildings, weapons, Armour, etc.
Your able to use the ships rechargeable(Reactor/Generator) to use as electricity on your workstations but with limited power and recharging time.
AI colonies that are severely damaged from unknown enemy hostiles.
AI civilian groups scavenging are able to trade with or persuade them to join your colony.
Resources that are collected are counted up and taken to storage crates which are separated by name.
Unknown hostiles would lurk around the crash site but will not not attack you unless you attack them first, They are neutral at first.
Hostiles that are defeated would drop many necessary resources that would be needed to build or expand something on you colony.
Exploring units are able to move out on unexplored land which can show whats out there around the crash site which can be destroyed colonizes, mines, research centers, etc.
Each explored are can help out in finding out where they are located and what has happened to this unknown planet.
All crew members can be equipped with weapons and armor that would have to be made and repaired from damage that's inflicted from enemy battles.

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