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Scope sure knows how to creep

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I'm at a weird point in my development cycles right now. Pretty much all of my projects are waiting on better defined requirements, or they keep changing the requirements of the project and I just don't feel like re-doing everything so they can change it again in another week. One of my projects has had this just HUGE development cycle, probably going on over six months now. Far far too long for what it is and what it does. It took me a few months to work out the backend, but what I built is VERY cool, very dynamic, is a lot more flexible than what they originally had in mind and they really like it, even brought up porting the code over to a few other things (it should work with a few minor tweaks, and even better, its built so they can admin themselves and not have to call me all the time).

The problem is everytime I show them the cool new shit I built them, they want this new way of doing things or want to mix it up or add a new layer of complexity, EVERYTIME. It's a constantly moving target and it's annoying me to no end. Earlier this week I got an email saying they wanted to change it, again! And it doesn't even make sense what they want done! Even worse, I brought up the different ways to do it many, many, many, many times just to make sure this was the way we wanted it done, and they assured me it was the only way that made sense and now their changing their minds. Needless to say I'm not really going to do anything on it until I have a face to face and can at least attempt to make sure we are nailing down the requirements, but really does throw a kink in a very good programming groove I was in for a while.

Another project is being requested by a guy who is taking some System Analysts classes for his degree, so he comes over with his Access Database telling me to do it just like this. NO. Never. He also really wants to see what I'm doing so he can see for his class, problem is I don't tend to design "by the book" (no formal database training) so I have a complete lack of anything to show him, at least that will be applicable to his studies. Meh, I'm not a teacher.

Anyways, other than that work is still going good, I've had some friends in town and we've been enjoying hanging out before the semester starts, and I finally got my deposit paid off on the house I'm staying at so rent will be a lot cheaper starting this month which I am very much looking forward too. Other than that just kind of doing non-geek stuff in my time off.

Also, I'm glad to see we're gonna have a good turnout for w00ters 2.0, at first I wasn't sure anyone was gonna show except maybe Chris and I and maybe one or two others but now I have to make sure hooters can fit 14 people. Nuts. I almost feel like we should be doing something bigger than hooters for this. We'll see I guess.

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