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ok ok ok OH KAY

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I'm going to be honest, blogging really isn't my thing because well, writing isn't really my thing. Everyday I have so much just running thru my head on such an unbelievably constant stream, and I think to myself "Wow, I should write this down and clarify it, this might be good". Then I sit down, I open up a text editor, place my hands upon that home row of keys....

And nothing.

I can't explain it, but nothing comes out, the well dries up. It dries and cracks and burrows and before I know it I'm on the other side of the planet wondering when the fuck I turned into the mole man fighting Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm, because thats what the mole man does.

So lemme break it down, break it down into tiny, indiscernable pieces. Possibly into atoms. Maybe even quarks. Maybe.

I will make a solid attempt to write in this thing once in a while, mostly just because I'm an admin here and damnit, I should have something to say. But don't really expect it to be about code (though that is a distinct possibility) or this site (though that is also a distinct possibility) or skool (yet also, dinstinctly possible) or to have any discernable value to you whatsoever (that, is more than distinctly possible).

But god damnit I'm trying.

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