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time, and its path of flight

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So my boss (the one for my contractor, not on my team, its complicated) just came by a few moments ago and asked me to get on 'The Bridge', (our really terrible sometimes, but really kool othertimes website where we share documents and all that jazz, but I digress) to get my Self Evaluation because today is my two year anniversary with the company and organization.

Jesus Christ that is a mind fuck.

I don't know how many of you are spun up and what I do or when I started, so let me give you a rundown.

I graduated high skool may of 2004 as young bright eyed mexican, literate, with basic math skills and a disarming smile. I had been working at Target for 18 months (including a few months on the flow team, unloading the trucks at 4am, which is how I bought my first computer), after another 18 month stint at the local party city. Needless to say, I was looking for an out.

The day after I graduated high skool, literally the day after, I had my first of a series of job interviews. Nothing that entire month panned out. Not a thing. 'Overqualified' was what I heard a lot, 'looks good we'll call you' as I sat by my phone day and night waiting. Nothing came thru. July 1st rolled around, and I was moving into my new place.

Now I'm gonna tell you, nothing will make you sweat your balls off like July in New Mexico and being on a lease agreement while stocking shelves at a fine retailer. Here I was, packing everything in the truck when I get a phone call. Was it someone from one of the 30 jobs I applied for calling? No, it was Chris.

Yes that Chris. dreamincode administrator Chris. Guy I met in high skool who had started up as a government contractor within the last year Chris.

Fuck I thought, did I say something in the CL again that someone is pissed off at me for, again. Should I even pick up? No. Wait, fuck it, yes.

'What are you doing this summer?'
'What are you doing this fall?'
'Working. Going to school.'
'Still at Target?'
'Looking for something else?'
'fuck yeah'
'Here's this guys number, call him and set up an appointment, I told him to expect it, it's for a programming job with me'

Needless to say, Chris hooked me up fat.

So, I called, I got the interview, I dressed up all purty like, I did well. I met with the rest of the team, I did well (despite one raging bitch but that is a story for another day) and within days I had a job offer, which I wholeheartedly accepted.

It's pretty surreal to think I've been here for two years, everyone still asks me who's son I am when I go to work luncheons and stuff, ahahaha.

So anyways, neat.

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17 July 2006 - 02:26 PM
I'll have been here 3 years October, 9. Wow.


17 July 2006 - 04:59 PM
Congrats, to both of you... That really sounds like a solid place to be.

If I lived closer I would be all over Chris, or you Josh, making you guys put in a good word. But a 3,000 Mile (RT) daily commute is just a bit out of my fuel budget...


21 July 2006 - 10:10 AM
hook me up.
i work at officemax.
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