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Since I've taken the decision to further my programming skills more than I ever have in the past years I've diddled with the subject; I have simultaneously been pushing a borrowed computer's systems to the max in a frenzy of downloads, torrenting, installations and otherwise "programming" related tasks to get all the necessary tools I need to begin in earnest. Course material & learner material files galore abound the directories that are being burgeoned by my new IDEs ...

Of which, includes Ruby, Python, Pascal, C++, Java, and good ol' HTML as languages I will attempt to divert my otherwise mathematical pursuits towards some degree of mastery in each of these tongues. I've already discovered I quite like C++ and Python, languages that I feel I'm more at home than I ever was with Java. I intend to implement Pascal quite often from what I have recently read concerning the language and Ruby should be useful once I start on converting a Windows machine for a Linux dual boot (of which I know nothing about either at this time, Ruby or Linux, but hey...something new).

I've been up for the past 30 hours finger fucking this poor laptop, I suppose I'll wrap up and wish myself good luck for tomorrow's adventure.

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