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Python 3 is out

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Python 3 is out. But you knew that. So, ultimately, instead of discussing technical specifications, which you either don't care about or have already viewed, I will ramble off on a semi-connected tangent. Begin tangent.

I have noticed something very disturbing about version numbering systems as of late. When we finally went from Firefox 3 to...
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NSA Databases of Uberness

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By this point, virtually everyone has heard of CISPA. It has been associated with SOPA, chastised, and is now dropping out of public attention, and slinking back to whist it came. But one aspect of this is being grossly overlooked, something that is not easy to do when CISPA involves storing every last bit of human information. What is going with...
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What ever happened to open source?

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It seems to me that every thing is becoming a closed system these days, trying to recreate the elusive magic of Apple. Browsers, word processors, what not, its all now under lock and key, working via some unknown mechanism, locked to all who would tinker with it. Microsoft's early fears that Linux based systems would over take it's...
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