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Python 3 is out

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Python 3 is out. But you knew that. So, ultimately, instead of discussing technical specifications, which you either don't care about or have already viewed, I will ramble off on a semi-connected tangent. Begin tangent.

I have noticed something very disturbing about version numbering systems as of late. When we finally went from Firefox 3 to Firefox 4, there was great fanfare, as in one fell swoop Mozilla instantly remedied every ailment that plagued it's flagship product, and brought Firefox back up to date with modern technical standards. The media gawked and gasped, and everyone was taken up by the technological wizardry. Then came Firefox 5.

Firefox 5 received less attention than it's predecessor. By at least one standard deviation. Whereas the public had waited for years in expectation for Firefox 4, Firefox 5 came on the scene before the program that it was designed to replace was obsolete in the slightest. Firefox 4 was still getting news coverage when Firefox 5 emerged. Then Firefox 6 emerged from the ether. And it failed to receive much of a mention outside PC magazine's back pages. Now we are up to Firefox 14, and no one but Mozilla blogs cover the updates. And to do so, Mozilla probably needed to hire in house writers full time.

This trend is not isolated in Firefox, although it is one of the most visible examples. Microsoft has succumbed to this scourge as well. For years, Microsoft did not see it necessary to update word. There was the original version, circa 1992, the update that came with Windows 95, and then another update in 2001. A hiatus from 2001 to 2007 got quite a bit of attention, and then they came out with 2007, and redesigned everything. And then came out with another version in 2010. And they are now coming out with another version next year. Redesigning it every time.

I for one doubt that I will ever use Office 2010. I am still using the 2001 edition of Word, and soon enough, everyone will use Office 13. But hey, I'm not the multinational technology corporation taking the hit.

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