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2019 - 10 - 08

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I come onto this forum occasionally to check up on things. Mainly to see if the forum is still around in a day and age where Reddit is basically the go to gathering hole for programmers. But personally, I think Reddit is missing something in any of its communities, though I'm unsure what that is exactly.

I don't use this site very often...
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Less is More: An Observation on When to Comment and What To Say

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While working on a project in the Odin Project, I was working on a simple Rock Paper Scissors game as they ask you to make so to get your feet wet with Javascript.

Here's the code:

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What did I miss?

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I've been away from this site for quite some time now. I have had no real need for the help this website could offer for one discernible reason: I am a master programmer and am far superior to the rest of you. Bow before me!

No but really, I just haven't been programming a whole lot asides from school projects and homework (which I am...
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Personal Update

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So I have just written up a short post on a new RPG I am taking a crack at in Python. This time around I am attempting to remain simple, focusing only on understanding the logic at hand.

I've been at all this for about a good year or more now. I know that I know more about programming now than I did back say February of 2012, but I feel like...
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I learn Python and Programming by Working on a Text-Based RPG: Entry 3

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So with this entry it is now time to talk on my current work on this RPG, an inventory system and items.

I have actually looked over many text-based RPG's in Python and one of my personal gripes is that the ones I have looked at do not code an inventory system or an equipment system. The other gripe I had was that the code for these games...
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I learn Python and Programming by Working on a Text-Based RPG: Entry 2

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So with entry 2, I will be posting up all the source in much of the files I have. I will attempt to explain some things in regards to some source although I may not get to it altogether.

I will say right here that I did not at ALL get to these points by myself. I was following a youtube tutorial on RPG's from a user named QuadRaxi. His...
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I learn Python and Programming by Working on a Text-Based RPG: Entry 1

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Welcome to the blog entries that should culminate into the creation of an RPG in Python and documentation of my steps as I learn both the basics of Programming and Python. I do not know how to truly start this off yet as I am mostly hoping to document any progress in regards to this RPG and find any helpful tips from anyone.

I will first start...
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First Entry to the Blog

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This isn't the first time I have tinkered with the idea of having a blog. Although in prior occasions, I have found myself failing to update the blog with stuff on a consistent basis. Never was one to write and entertain the masses on a weekly basis. I am the type to write his opinions on certain subject matters though and have occasionally...

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